Once every few weeks Martijn Heijdemans, physiotherapist and powerlifting coach for Invincible Physiotherapy joins us at Northside Barbell to help our members with injuries and injury prevention. Physiotherapy for powerlifters takes an active approach, focusing on optimizing performance, preventing injuries, and facilitating rehabilitation specific to Squat, Bench, and Deadlift. This specialized field prioritizes tailored exercise programs, movement assessments, and injury prevention strategies to enhance strength, mobility, and stability. By actively involving powerlifters in their training and recovery process, physiotherapy plays a crucial role in maximizing performance and reducing the risk of injuries associated with these key powerlifting movements.

Invincible Physiotherapy is fully committed to addressing the physical problems of powerlifters. With a specialized focus on powerlifting, they understand the unique challenges faced by athletes in this sport. By employing evidence-based active approaches, Invincible Physiotherapy aims to optimize powerlifters’ performance, prevent injuries, and facilitate effective rehabilitation. Their commitment to powerlifting ensures that each individual receives personalized care and support to overcome physical limitations, enabling them to excel in their powerlifting journey.

Link: invinciblefysio.nl