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What is Northside Barbell

Northside Barbell is Groningen’s only student weight- and powerlifting club. Any student that wants to be stronger, bigger or faster can become a member of Northside Barbell. If you are a casual lifter who just wants to be stronger and healthier, or if you are a competitive powerlifter: Northside Barbell is the student sport club where you will find fellow iron-heads. We know that the iron game can be lonely at times, and we believe that this unnecessary by creating an atmosphere where fellow lifters can train and encourage each other. By sharing our knowledge and using our top equipment, we make sure that you can reach the goals you want to achieve!


Our Mission & What We Offer

We believe that a stronger, bigger and faster version of you can be realized by lifting weights. All it needs is some nurturing by correctly lifting heavy weights over a period of time and a decent nutrition plan. We try to help our brothers and sisters in iron by doing the following:

  • Lifting material seen nowhere else in Groningen
  • Our unique Northside program, designed for every lifter
  • Offer members (online and during clubtrainings) coaching on lifting and programming
  • Club trainings with experienced coaches
  • Building and supplying new and unique training material
  • Host meatings, where we meet and eat meat, and more social activities
  • Host competitive weightlifting and Powerlifting competitions
  • Offer additional materials like bands, foam rollers, magnesium etc. to our members
  • Provide a storage room for all your lifting-related belongings (your belt, shoes etc.)
  • …Many more things to come!

Join Northside Barbell

Please completely fill out the form below to become a member of Northside Barbell for only €50,- per semester!




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I declare that my personal information is correct and that I am responsible for keeping my personal information up to date. I hereby declare that I have an activated ACLO-card. If I do not own such a card, I hereby grant G.S.K.V. Northside Barbell permission to purchase it for me against cost, including administrative expenses, and charge my bankaccount with the amount due. The contribution fee is €50 per semester. You will receive an email with payment instructions.

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