Northside Training Schedule

Northside Training Schedule

[Click to download: Northside-Program-3.1]

The Northside Program is designed by the coaches of Northside Barbell. Their years of experience with literature and hands on experience were bundled together to make this program.


Short explanation

The program is built as a Upper-/Lower-body split. The focus of this program is strength gains on the main three lifts (Squat, Bench, Deadlift). However, this program is not merely a basic program like ‘Starting Strength’ or ‘Stronglifts 5×5’. As you can see in the program, we focus a lot of our attention to secondary and assistance exercises. We have noticed that a fair number of our trainees lack muscle mass. Bigger muscles help you in lifting more, hence the great focus on assistance exercises.

Feel free to make the changes in the program so that it suits your preferences. You can also ask the Northside coaches to personalize the program for your specific needs.

The coaches will answer any question about the program during the club trainings.