Committees of Northside Barbell

Social Committee

This committee focuses on creating a tight bond between the members of Northside Barbell outside of the hypertrophy ridden atmosphere of the gym. This is done through the organization of monthly drinks, dinners, and more activities.

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Promotion Committee

The promotions committee aims to document everything that is going at Northside Barbell. They shoot and frame every meet, drink and last but not least record weight that is lifted. This committee is formed by Nick Fennema, Shawn Hoek and Steffen Talman.

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Extern Competition Committee

The Extern Competition Committee focuses on guiding Northside’s finest at achieving even greater heights and levels of strength. This committee organizes each trip to and from meets (such as nationals, European championships and student competitions). Besides competitions this committee organizes seminars, coaching sessions and everything our competitors may need. This committee consists of Kevin Iron and Systke Iron.

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Intern Competition Committee

The Intern Competition Committee is taking care for all the competitions held and organized by Northside Barbell. This consists of the powerlifting and olympic weighlifting ‘Strongest Student of Groningen’ competition during the KISS-event in December and more competitions during the rest of the year.  This committee consists of Kevin Khan, Ko Kleppe, Max Engel and Olivier Tijhuis.

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Olympic Weightlifting Committee

The task of this committee is promoting olympic weightlifting within Northside Barbell and facilitating training programs, coaching, competitions and events. This committee consist of Azad Darwish Ali, Ko Kleppe, Elmar Diekstra and Meglen Anzik

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Audit Structure

This rather important committee has the sole task of being the financial checks and balances of this year’s board. The members of the auditing committee have to check if the board members are spending Northside Barbell’s money in a responsible way. The committee will be formed by Heije Wubs and Erwin Reijenga.