Club Trainings

Northside strives for a broad knowledge base for their lifters, so they can both lift safely and reach their goals in the most efficient way. We try to accomplish this by offering closed training hours for our members, which are supervised by our coaches. Northside’s coaches have a vast knowledge base and have years upon years of experience under the bar themselves. The coaches give advice ranging from technical improvements of the lifts to programming and dietary advice.

The lifting game can be lonely sometimes, and that is not necessary. We believe that lifting together makes the trainings more fun. On top of that, training together can often lead to better results – the encouraging shouts of fellow members during a lift can give you that extra boost to finish the dreadful set or repetition. Our club trainings motivate many members to work out, even when they don’t feel like working out.


Social Events

Northside is not all about sweat, grunts and lifting heavy-ass weights. We do take breaks from the gym’s environment and enjoy each other’s company during social activities, for we believe that a close community improves the lifting game – and we also simply love to eat meat. The social events once began with ‘meatings’, where we meet and eat meat, but they soon expanded to a wide variety of activities. These activities entail monthly drinks with our pole dancing friends of GSPV De Noordpole, bowling bonanza’s, movie nights, life-threatening paintball matches and much more!


Exclusive Equipment

Northside is now located in ACLO’s Power Station near the central station of Groningen! This location has its focus on weight training and is therefore equipped for this purpose. It has many working stations for the different lifts, plate-loaded machines, thousands of kilos of (bumper)plates, many (specialty)bars and much more exclusive equipment. As a member of Northside, you are allowed to train with top competitive material from Eleiko, which is used in official competitions. It is the best and unique weight training location in Groningen, and Northside has its trainings on this location!


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